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Weddings have been a core element of our business, since first starting in 1997 - and have continued to grow and evolve moving forwards.  The extent to which a DJ is involved in the wedding day itself, is ultimately up to the bride and groom - but in our experience?  The right DJ can make or break the day...

For the more inclusive packages, the DJ first starts with background music whilst your guests enter or during the wedding breakfast.  Having already arrived and set up the room (unlike some, we do not charge for this), your DJ is set to go whenever people arrive - whatever structure the day has.  Beyond setting the tone and alleviating awkward background silences,  an all-day DJ helps entertain your guests during gaps in the program - such as during formal photographs of the bridal party or between the ceremony and reception. 

Often the next step is speeches and toasts, which we've got you covered for.  The basic wedding price has a full sound package, which includes wireless mic's and positioned speakers so no one is straining to hear or searching for a solution!  

As the celebration steps up to a party, this is where your DJ gets to really show off.  As you can see from our reviews, our DJ's really know how to read a room - for us, this is a talent which can't be taught, and no matter how great a DJ's recall of the Beatles back catalogue is, without this ability they don't make it onto the Double Impact books.  We get people having fun, enjoying the music and onto the dance floor.  The luxuries of the Double Impact digital music library means we bring every track into the room with us, making us equipped for special requests, party classics or themes and eras.  if you want to avoid tumbleweed blowing across the dancefloor on your wedding day - book Double Impact, today!

The value of a Double Impact DJ is strengthened further by the hosting of your day.  Having someone welcoming your guests and interact throughout the days schedule is invaluable.  No one wants the mother of the groom having to shout that the buffet food is ready, the best man doesn't want to be stood with a mic not sure if it's his turn to make a speech or what to do next, and you don't want the activities and features of your day ignored because no one knows whether they can use the photo booth yet!  A properly hosted wedding accounts for all these things and more, leaving you the main attraction at your own wedding, not the traffic cop.

As your day runs on into the night, you can rest assured that the entire event is lit to the perfect atmosphere. You don't want a start up beginner DJ who's trying "mood disco lighting" where the room is so dark you're tripping over toddlers, with the exception of the dance floor which could be straight off the Vegas strip.  Inclusive lighting and a solid, high-end DJ booth make Double Impact events all the more valuable - as we provide the tools to make any venue magical.  Extend to include a light up dance floor and marquee hire, and we can make your wedding perfect in a field!


As you can see from browsing our site, we provide a range of party extras beyond the standard disco.  This one-stop versatility not only simplifies your wedding planning but lets us help you curate the perfect day and then execute it on your behalf!


Book a wedding consultation today, to have a chat about what you'd like in the perfect wedding package, then let us create it!

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