Founder & DJ
It’s been nearly twenty years - and I’m lucky enough to say I have fun, almost every time I go to work. My enjoyment comes from seeing guests at events and venues having fun with each other. This in itself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading me to ensure others have fun in order to enjoy my work.
“Follow the feel of the room - nothing else.”
Founder & DJ Extraordinaire

It's helped to shape my business of course - the customer demand has driven the growth, lead me to add products and services, and connect those in my network.

Over the years, my team has grown to include a number of DJ's, entertainers and service providers, each carefully chosen to meet my own standards as I'm not sending anyone to an event unless I know they can represent the business I've built with such passion.

Outside of my work I'm a father to four children aged between 2 and 20, who keep me wonderfully busy!  The age range certainly keeps me on my toes but gives me a great opportunity to experience all areas of fatherhood at the same time.  Family is undoubtedly important to me, which easily crosses over to my work and the many family events I interact with.  

In the little time I get for myself, I like to sing!  It may sound a little old-fashioned, but it's always been a passion of mine.  I am lucky that I get that crossover with a personal hobby - I run karaoke events every single week and in my free time I enjoy success in karaoke competitions.  From time to time, I take on professional singing work - often for first dances at weddings.

That crossover is obviously more than coincidence.  I built my business around a passion, and I'm certain that's responsible for the success I've enjoyed.  Being part of other peoples 'events and weddings are just as much as a personal investment to me, as to them.


Thanks for visiting Double Impact Entertainment. Whatever you're looking for, feel free to get in touch. Whilst the website showcases some of our standard packages, I'm more than happy to help put together whatever package I can, to help you celebrate your event.

Get to Know Danny

Favourite Music

I listen to a broad range of music from Elvis Presley to garage & everything in between. In my job I play through the decades so I appreciate most styles of music. If I had to pick a favourite I’d say late 80’s & early 90’s.

Best Gigs to Do

I love a good wedding. Being part of someone’s special day is job satisfaction at its best. Creating a bespoke wedding package from start to finish and seeing it all come together is amazing. 
I also enjoy theme nights & surprise parties. 

If I wasn't a DJ...

If I wasn’t a DJ I’d probably be a full-time singer. I enjoy singing & entertaining. I think it goes right back to my holiday camp days.

Most used skills

  • Reading a Room
  • Keeping Guests Happy
  • Knowing when to cut a mic!

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