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The difference between a Great DJ and a Great Event - is the atmosphere.  Most people can see how a great event changes if being in a nightclub with top-of-the-range lighting and effects,  verses being held in a village hall.  Doesn't matter that you've chosen the best DJ - we want you to have the best overall party

Double Impact Events

The Double Impact Intensity light show makes any venue a party!  We all know that booking a venue can be expensive, stressful and there's almost always some compromise to be made.  But that's where we come in - the 3D Intensity Laser Show projects an array of colour and shape throughout the venue making the community hall beneath the church, equal to one of the hottest London clubs!


Our DJ services are the hallmark of Double Impact Events. Our Facebook Page is full of reviews raving for the personalised service and professionalism.  As you can see, we aim to keep our pricing low for the calibre of service we provide:

3D Laser Intensity Show


Suited to all Events
Variable Colours, Speeds, Designs & Styles
Adapted To Your Event

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