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Great for parties, events, family functions or because it's Tuesday. Our all-around basic disco covers all your bases. Or, step up the presentation factor at your event with video screens showing music videos, personal movies or sponsored messaging.

Double Impact Events

The perfect party is all about the music.  An out of touch DJ playing music from a completely different scene to your guests will kill the mood just as fast as a DJ who tries to overhype the crowd at the wrong time leaving lulls and lags in the evening.

 Double Impact DJ's are selected for their ability to read the room and adjust - it's how we ensure a children's birthday party, a 21st's blowout and a 50th wedding anniversary can all be given grade A service.

But if you want that extra touch?  Get the Video DJ Package

Music videos have been part of, and made up, the zeitgeist since the 80's - meaning anyone born in the last 40-50 years, have known them to be just as much a part of the music and the baseline!  The video DJ package brings that extra dimension of musicality to the party, event, or club, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your party!  Our default 50" flatscreen comes along (other screens depend on venue size and event type) to display the hits we're playing along with messages and information - such as traditional bride & groom slideshows at a wedding.  It enhances the event without any detraction - we're not limited only by tracks with videos, our DJ's will play whatever music you want, even if there are no corresponding videos.

But if we were to pick 1 single reason for Double Impact Entertainment to be hired, it wouldn’t be the vast experience, trusted reputation or broad capabilities - though all are valid reasons. No - it would be our ability to read a room. All our DJ’s are chosen because of it - the Midas touch in music is the gift to turn a playlist on its head and switch the direction of the next track based on the reaction of the crowd. It's about ensuring the audience are enthralled by the evening - not waiting for something better.


Our DJ services are the hallmark of Double Impact Events. Our Facebook Page is full of reviews raving for the personalised service and professionalism.  As you can see, we aim to keep our pricing low for the calibre of service we provide:

The Standard Disco Package


4 Hour Session
Pro LED DJ Booth
DJ Lighting 
Pre-Agreed Music 

The Video Disco Package


Disco Features, plus:
50" Display Screen 
 Video Stream 
Plugin to venue systems

We will gladly advise you personally and answer all your questions.

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