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Double Impact Entertainment was formed in 1997 by Danny Cobain, or “Disco Danny” as he was then and has been known. Today it’s a team of multi-talented and diverse DJ’s, MC’s and entertainers - which is a huge leap from the 1 speaker, 1 light, and 1 CD case; one man band outfit.

Double Impact Events

Of course, to start up back then was a hugely different affair to today. Though the one speaker was a limiting system, the use of CD’s and physical mix boards meant Danny had to know and study the music he carried intimately. Every gig meant preparing the music in advance so that he was ready to switch between tracks however the crowd responded to the current one. A stark contrast to the bedroom spinners of today who start out with a rigidly overpriced Spotify playlist DJ session.

Growth into the business that operates in 2016 was a gradual process, strongly lead by customer confidence and demand. 19 years on 90% of clients come from previous customers’ recommendations and those attending other events.

Over the years, the business has evolved from simple DJ services. As one might imagine, to work in events means multiple occasions working alongside the same caterers, entertainment providers, florists etc.. This experience paid off many times with clients asking us for recommendations and occasionally, specifically who to avoid. Through this process we began working with those companies we liked - and you can see some of those services (such as event dressing) showcased on our website. Businesses we’ve worked with and know provide a good service.

Other times we’ve seen areas lacking. Either bad service or just simply an unserviced area, which leads to our expansion from music to overall entertainment. We boast added facilities like photobooths and rodeo bulls on the website. Our bouncy castles not only get hired for private events but are booked constantly throughout the season by pubs and restaurants.

This expansion, along with the reviews from our clients and solid work history, should tell you one thing clearly: We love what we do! This business thrives because all involved are lucky enough to enjoy their work - and that shows in the service we provide, and the point of pride we take in the enjoyment of our audience.

But if we were to pick 1 single reason for Double Impact Entertainment to be hired, it wouldn’t be the vast experience, trusted reputation or broad capabilities - though all are valid reasons. No - it would be our ability to read a room. All our DJ’s are chosen because of it - the Midas touch in music is the gift to turn a playlist on its head and switch the direction of the next track based on the reaction of the crowd. It's about ensuring the audience are enthralled by the evening - not waiting for something better.

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Our day to day operations are a varied calendar - stretching from charity high tea to celebratory ragers. Our packages are created to be simple, but not all inclusive - in fact, we enjoy the opportunity to create new packages to meet demand. So if you don't find what you're looking for, set us the challenge....

Frequently Asked

  • Double Impact Events Hold a £10M fully comprehensive Public liability policy. This protects you and your guests in the event of an accident. We are committed to our safety policy so you and your guests can enjoy the event in a safe environment. 

    For a copy of our Insurance cover to show your venue, click download.

  • We hold subscriptions for several Premium Download providers to ensure we are operating within our legal requirements and to make sure we have the best quality, legal music videos and up to date listings as possible. Our music & video databases are updated monthly. We also subscribe to 3 different karaoke listings to ensure we have the version of the song you would like to sing.   
  • I, myself, have 22 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The Double Impact Events team are all seasoned professionals. Many have been trained by myself.  Double Impact Events Have an in-house training module that all Double Impact DJs have completed. This training can take up to two years.

  • Every booking made with Double Impact Events is covered by our "Standby Policy" if a DJ falls unwell or has an accident on the way, or anything to prevent them from getting to your event, one of our Standby DJs will be dispatched to your event immediately.

  • Double Impact Events DO NOT CHARGE  for set up or pack away. We only charge for the amount of time preforming at your event. (Travel fee may apply depending on location)

  • Yes, a playlist can be sent to us via email up to 1 week before the event date (maximum of 20 songs) Our DJs will use this to gauge your personal music taste. Our DJs will read the room & take requests from your guests throughout the event. 

  • This will all depend on the venue closing time & the DJs availability on the night. But yes if all is good with the DJ and the venue a fee can be arranged between you and the DJ for a time extension.

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