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Gift of the Gab.  A rarely appreciated and often overrated ability.  Don't believe us?  Let's put you up on a stage with a mic in front of 280 bored teenagers and see how you cope ;)

Double Impact Events

But of course, this is vastly oversimplifying the skill.  A host or compère at the event will go beyond just talking and create a flow and structure to the evening.  Also known as a "Master of Ceremonies", hosts use the highly sought skill of reading the room to develop a rapport with guests, then maintain the relationship until it's time to say goodbye.

Popular for charity events, awards ceremonies and auctions; our primary host, Danny, will coordinate and lead the evening - avoiding any uncertainty or lulls in the evening.

The vast range of events and services we can accommodate means pricing can be difficult to pigeonhole.  Just get in touch, and we'll get you a custom quote. 


Whether an auction, charity event, Master of Ceremonies or simple structure to an every day event, Danny and the hosts of Double Impact Events have the skill to command a room.

Naturally, each event varies widely - so get in touch and we'll organise a custom quote for your event.  We aim to give preferential rates for charity events, so be sure to let us know if you're a registered non-profit.

We will gladly advise you personally and answer all your questions.

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