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Shortly after you begin planning your wedding or event, you'll notice most reputable venues start asking about insurance, public liability and certifications. There are legal and health & safety concerns at play but one of the benefits here is that this information helps you to separate the professionals from the playlist wannabes.


The majority of venues require one million pounds coverage in public liability. unsurprisingly, many small-time and amateur operations don't have that level of cover. Double Impact Entertainment, however, has a reassuring £10 million policy - ensuring complete and efficient cover, should it be required. We're proud of the cover we offer, which is why you'll find a copy of our Public Liability Certificate right here, for you to show potential venues as you book.

Every item on our rigs is PAT tested - Portable Appliance Testing is for all electrical items, which would be plugged into your venues power source. This protects the public from electrical malfunctions, whilst ensuring they're of high quality.

Whilst we'll cover more information about safety through our blog over the next few months, we want to make it clear that it's our number one priority. Every Bouncy Castle is strongly and strategically weighted, each of our cables are laid securely and fastened with tape at a minimum of 50cm intervals, and we don't buy or use any equipment without ensuring it's safe for public use.

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